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Technical Support

Alternafruit supports its growers by providing technical consultation services in all areas of production and post harvest aspects.  The challenges of growing new crops are vast and by visiting production areas and gathering information, a comprehensive data basis was developed to reflect tree (variety) performances in the various areas and under different growing conditions.  This information is continuously updated, with the latest findings and research results, to keep growers informed and on the forefront, in an effort to adhere to Good Agricultural Practices and harvesting of high quality fruit.

Grower manuals are updated every season in collaboration with local and foreign researchers.  Extensive work is done in the fields of, integrated pest & disease management (IPDM), fertigation, irrigation and trellising for optimization of crop harvests and quality.  Picking & packing techniques for most favourable shelf life are addressed.  We furthermore provide training to orchard monitors for on-farm capacity building and easier IPDM applications. 
Research findings are regularly communicated with growers, while Grower Association Information days are held bi-annually to present research results and discuss production practices.

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