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Research and Development

Alternafruit’s R&D program is focused on the finding, developing, evaluating, sharing, and Implementing of the latest information and advances in all relevant fields to enhance the success of growers.

Research and development include various programs from formal research on relevant aspects to industry to  informal research and  training programs. 

Agreements with Universities, the ARC, Hortec and other contractors ensure that research results can be utilized as scientifically justified information which our growers can benefit from.

Research programs are mainly aimed at the:

  • Optimisation of production practises
    Training systems, pruning trials and various other experimental work is in progress.
  • Crop optimisation (export fruit)
    Mechanisms are put in place to standardise producer’s fruit quality and yields. 
  • Crop Protection – IPM programs and chemical registrations
    Experimental work is in progress in collaboration with Chemical Companies and National Department of Agriculture to determine the residue status of various potential remedies for future registration.
    A survey was done with financial support of European funding (SA PIP) to determine the pest and disease profile of pomegranates and figs in South Africa.  
  • Market access (Phytosanitary, Sanitary and Quality aspects)
    Relevant information is generated, gathered and packaged to be able to collaborate with National Department of Agriculture as SA NPPO in aquiring and maintaining market access for our export fresh figs and pomegranates.
  • New variety development
    New selections and varieties figs, pomegranates and other exotic fruits are constantly sourced and evaluated for potential production in South Africa.
  • Post Harvest
    Projects are done to determine storage and handling protocols per variety.
  • Product development (value adding)
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