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Global warming and climate change have emerged as a key sustainable development issue. Globally, organisations have started to recognise the benefits that can be derived from taking action to address these issues, on an environmental, social and economic level.

Alternafruit specialises in developing exotic fruit production and exports. The company directly produces fruit at its nursery, and supplies fruit and produce from the Fruit Growers Association directly to the export market.

As custodian of the land, the owners acknowledge that it is their duty to understand and recognise potential environmental threats, and to mitigate against them for the benefit of the next generation. Alternafruit also needs to satisfy the expectations of international clients, who are increasingly stressing the importance of low-carbon products.

Establishing the carbon footprint of an organisation is only the first step in a programme to reduce its impact on the environment. Alternafruit is in the process of investigating a proposal which should provide a roadmap beyond the measurement of the baseline carbon footprint of the company.
Awareness and disclosure are both important steps in any process, this needs to be followed up with very clear and commercially viable reduction and offsetting strategies. GCX is well placed to assist with this and this proposal provides guidance on our approach.


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