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Welcome to Alterna Fruit

The Alternafruit SA (Pty) Ltd office is based in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa.  The company was founded in 2003 after the directors realised that a special niche area needs to be developed in the SA fruit production environment, which focuses on development of exotic fruits.  Alternafruit specialises in developing exotic fruit production and exports with the capacity to support all aspects – from identifying products, sourcing of varieties, production to the export of fruit to foreign markets.  The following key areas are covered by Alternafruit’s  activities:

  • Availability of suitable Varieties and plant propagation material.
  • A world class Nursery
  • A member Grower Association
  • Industry enabling infrastructure
  • Technical Support and Training capacity
  • Research and Development capacity
  • Market Access and GAP compliance systems
  • Value Adding and Processing technology
  • Effective Marketing Strategy with distribution and sales capacity

Alternafruit, from the outset, has developed the fig and pomegranate industry in South Africa in conjunction with a professional group of experienced fruit farmers, now all members of experienced fruit farmers. The Alternafruit varieties of figs and pomegranates are  successfully cultivated by our grower base and also provide excellent potential for down stream investment and value adding.  The company is further in the process of  developing a  spread of profitable fruit alternatives and has a whole range of new fruit varieties under evaluation.

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